Doing Business As
  1. Name must be checked to make sure that no-one has already registered a business under the same name. (If last name is in title of business there is no need to check)
  2. Need three (3) original trade name certificates completed. Forms are available from the clerk’s office or you can print three (3) copies from the link below. Please note: owner or all partners must sign form and have signature(s) witnessed by a notary public or attorney.
  3. There is a $50 filing fee. This fee must be paid in cash.

You will receive a stamped copy of your certificate with the business name number on it. The original remains here and the additional copy will be sent to the commercial recording office in Trenton, NJ at the end of the current month.

Additional information available by contacting the office of NJ Licensing & Business Name Information at (800) 533-0186.

Related Forms (PDF Format)


Dissolution of Trade Name Certificate