In compliance with N.J.S.A. 46:26A-5, the Cumberland County Clerk’s Office will require a cover sheet or electronic synopsis to be submitted with all land documents for recording.  The new cover sheet contains mandatory indexing fields which are to be completed by the submitter.  The cover sheet is to be considered part of the submitted land record and is therefore to be considered when calculating the recording fee for the document.  The additional page is only to be considered for documents with booking and paging fees only, there is no additional fee when recording flat fee instruments.  The requirement will become effective on May 1, 2017.  Customers who record documents in hard copy format via U.S.P.S. Mail and express couriers, as well as personal delivery, must have a cover sheet attached.  A sample cover sheet can be located on our webpage at this page.

Please be advised that if no electronic synopsis or cover sheet is attached to a document, an additional fee in the amount of $20.00 will be assessed for the cost of indexing the document, in accordance with N.J.S.A. 46:26A-5(c).

All escrow account customers who submit land documents after May 1, 2017 without the required cover sheet will have their recording accounts debited the additional $20.00 fee per document.

Those who submit land documents after May 1, 2017 without the required cover sheet or who have submitted the insufficient payment will have their unrecorded documents returned with a letter requesting the additional fee.

For those customers who electronically record documents, a cover sheet or electronic synopsis is an integrated part of the document submitted.  There is no further requirement for customers who eRecord.  If you are not currently an eRecording customer and you would like to register for an eRecording account in Cumberland County, please contact our office.